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About Birch Hill Quarry: A Tale of Expansion, Sympathy, and Stone Mastery

Welcome to Birch Hill Quarry, a testament to vision, dedication, and the seamless integration of industry with the natural world. As part of Cotswold Hill Stone and Masonry Limited, Birch Hill Quarry embarked on a journey of transformation, turning a small quarry into a hub of premium Pennant sandstone excellence.

Origins of Ambition: Small Beginnings, Grand Visions

When Birch Hill Quarry was acquired, it was a humble, small-scale operation. However, within the heart of this quarry, a grand vision unfolded. Recognising the potential to diversify and enhance the offerings to our valued customers, Birch Hill Quarry took on the challenge of expansion, aspiring to become a cornerstone in the world of quality stone products.

A Symphony of Growth: Expanding While Preserving Nature's Symphony

In the pursuit of expansion, Birch Hill Quarry embraced a commitment to preserving the delicate balance of the surrounding countryside and its thriving wildlife. Every step in the expansion journey was taken with a deep sense of sympathy toward the natural environment. The result is a quarry that harmoniously coexists with the Royal Forest of Dean, offering a sanctuary for both stone enthusiasts and the diverse local ecosystems.

Birch Hill Quarry Today: Crafting Excellence in Forest of Dean Pennant Sandstone

Nestled in the Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, Birch Hill Quarry stands as a beacon of Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone expertise. Our stone, ranging from Blue to Grey/Green through to Brown, is the epitome of durability, sought after by contractors, landscape architects, restoration specialists, and conservationists.

Diverse Applications, Exceptional Products: Crafting Your Vision

Our Quarry specialises in a wide array of Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone products. From stunning drystone walling and rockery to meticulously crafted masonry and cropped building stone, each piece carries the legacy of the carboniferous pennant stone. 

A Team of Mastery: Skilled Masons, Knowledgeable Staff

At Birch Hill Quarry, our strength lies not only in our stone but in the hands and minds of our team. Skilled masons, working in harmony with knowledgeable staff, bring our stone to life. This collaborative effort ensures that every product leaving Birch Hill Quarry reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
Birch Hill Quarry is not just a place of extraction; it’s a story of growth, preservation, and mastery. Contact us to be a part of this story, where every stone is a testament to our dedication to delivering the finest Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone products.
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