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Discover the timeless allure of Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone at Birch Hill Quarry, nestled in the heart of the Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. As part of Cotswold Hill Stone and Masonry Limited, we specialise in providing top-quality Masonry, Walling, Building Stone and more, sourced directly from the stunning Forest of Dean region.

A Local Legacy: Crafting Excellence in Pennant Sandstone

Birch Hill Quarry is more than a supplier; we are a local business deeply rooted in the Forest of Dean community. Our Pennant sandstone, ranging from Blue to Grey/Green through to Brown, embodies the region’s natural beauty. Renowned for its durability and hard-wearing qualities, our stone is a favourite among contractors, landscape architects, restoration specialists, and conservationists.

Versatility in Stone Forms: Tailored to Your Needs

Birch Hill Quarry, part of Cotswold Hill Stone and Masonry Limited, is located in the magnificent area of the Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Our Pennant sandstone is sourced from this location.

Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone is Blue to Grey/Green through to Brown in colour. Contractors, Landscape Architects, Restoration specialists and Conservationists seek this stone for its durable, hard wearing and weather hardy usage. Favourited for Regency builds, revetment, gabion basket material, landscaping schemes and its monolithic uses – its diverse applications make this carboniferous pennant stone popular.

We produce stunning Forest of Dean drystone walling, rockery, masonry, cropped building stone , coursed sawn, cropped, and tumbled building stone. Together with our team of skilled masons and knowledgeable staff, our team at Birch Hill offer a wide range of products to cater for all our customers.

We are suppliers of all walling, masonry and building stone sourced from our quarry in the Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. The sandstone at Birch Hill is well-known for it’s durability and strength for use locally and throughout the UK. It’s uses include building and landscaping applications as well as civil engineering applications including revetment work. The colours are mainly green/grey or blue/grey, with light and dark tones. In some areas we find a red strike, which contrasts well with the softer grey colours. 

Pennant sandstone can be obtained in the following forms:

  • Walling stone – cropped or field walling, ideal for dry stone walling.
  • Building stone – random cropped, sawn and cropped, or sawn, cropped and tumbled.
  • Masonry stone – sawn and worked to your requirements by our experienced masons.
  • Rockery stone – any size, freshly quarried or weathered over many years.
  • Paving stone – sawn finish.
  • Ashlar Stone – sawn to size.
  • Monolith – perfect feature stones for a dramatic look.
  • Revetment /Gabion – ideal stone for use in retaining wall or facing.
Building Stone

Your premier destination for exceptional building stone and architectural masonry. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in every piece of stone we supply. With a diverse range of options, including cropped building stone, coursed building stone, and specialised finishes, we are your trusted partner for turning architectural visions into reality.

Walling Stone

Your destination for exceptional walling stone that stands as a testament to nature's beauty and timeless craftsmanship. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, our walling stone offerings provide the foundation for creating stunning dry stone walls that are both functional and visually captivating.

Masonry Stone

We specialise in bringing the beauty and elegance of Forest of Dean Pennant masonry stone into your projects. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is exemplified through our masonry stone offerings, meticulously sawn and worked to your requirements by our team of experienced masons.

Interior Flooring & Exterior Paving

Your gateway to infusing elegance and character into your spaces with our exquisite stone flooring. With a legacy rooted in craftsmanship and authenticity, our stone flooring offerings are a testament to the natural beauty of the The Royal Forest of Dean region. Whether you're envisioning indoor or outdoor spaces, our stone flooring transforms ordinary floors into stunning canvases of design.

Landscaping and Rockery

We invite you to discover the art of creating breathtaking landscapes with our exceptional landscaping and rockery products. From stunning water features to monolithic feature stones, rockery to gabion, together with our walling and garden feature masonry; we offer you the tools to shape your outdoor spaces into living masterpieces.


At Birch Hill Pennant Quarry, we proudly carry the torch of preserving history through our meticulous restoration projects. With a strong commitment to heritage and craftsmanship, we have become a trusted partner in breathing new life into historical buildings, monuments, and stone figureheads that stand as echoes of the past.

Stone Sourcing

At Birch Hill Quarry, our commitment to delivering exceptional stone extends beyond our own offerings. Our Stone Sourcing service is a testament to our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our clientele, ensuring every project receives the perfect finishing touch.

Latest Projects

Explore Birch Hill Quarry’s latest projects, where Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone breathes life into diverse applications. Our commitment to excellence is showcased in every endeavour, from captivating drystone walling to meticulous crafted masonry work.

Gabion Stone

The gateway to exploring the innovative potential of gabion stone in your landscaping and construction projects. Our premium gabion stone offers a versatile and sustainable solution, allowing you to create stunning structures that combine function, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.

Decorative Masonry Services

We take immense pride in offering a range of expertly crafted stone products tailored to enhance the beauty and character of any space. Our Decorative Masonry services encompass a variety of specialised offerings including Name Stones, House Stones, Date Stones, Monumental Masonry, and Memorial Stones.

Monolith Stone

At Birch Hill Quarry, we pride ourselves by offering an exquisite selection of monolith stone. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that each piece of monolith stone is not only visually stunning but also ethically sourced and environmentally conscious.

Revetment Stone

Trusted source for premium revetment stones. Crafted by nature, our revetment stones offer durability and timeless beauty for a variety of landscaping and construction projects. Explore and discover why Birch Hill Quarry is the preferred choice for quality revetment stones.

A Symphony of Tones: Colours and Contrasts in Pennant Sandstone

The Pennant sandstone from Birch Hill Quarry is characterised by a palette of green/grey or blue/grey tones, with variations in light and dark shades. The occasional presence of red hues adds a striking contrast, enhancing the visual appeal of our stone in diverse settings.

Committed to Your Success: More Than Just a Quarry

Whether you’re embarking on a small landscaping scheme or a grand Regency build, we’re here to support you from project initiation to completion. Our commitment extends beyond transactions; we aim to build lasting relationships and partnerships that stand the test of time.

A Range Beyond Expectations: Forest of Dean Drystone Walling Products

Explore the extensive offerings at Birch Hill Quarry, where Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone transcends its traditional forms. In addition to drystone walling and building stone, we now provide fines, and hardcore in convenient tonne bags or loose form. Our range is a testament to our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our valued customers.

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Birch Hill Quarry

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For Birch Hill Quarry, every individual and project, regardless of size, is significant. Contact us to experience the enduring legacy of Forest of Dean Pennant sandstone and let Birch Hill Quarry be your partner in bringing natural beauty and quality to your endeavours.


Fetter Hill, Parkend, Nr. Coleford,
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, GL16 7LU

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Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm
Closed weekends and bank holidays

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